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Travel highlights Lithuania

Travel highlights Lithuania

Vilnius, The capitol of Lithuania

A visit to Lithuania would not be complete without at least a day trip to this vibrant city. Within its confines you will see one of the largest surviving medieval quarters in Europe. Other popular must-see attractions include the KGB Museum, which is located within a former Soviet prison, and the 13th century Higher Castle, which has a magnificent view of the city center.

The Castle on the Lake

Visit the Trakai Historial National Park which is about 30km by train from the capital. There you will see the infamous restored Island Castle that juts into Lake Galvė. The Trakai History Museum found within the park tells the story of the castle.

The Hill of Crosses

This manmade monument, known as the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai, is a mount of thousands of crosses left there throughout the years by visitors, pilgrims and some even by newlyweds on their wedding day. Many of the crosses contain makrings with photos of loved ones or even personal messages.

Treetop Walking Path

The treetop walking path, which is located in Anykščiai Pinewood is the only treetop path in Eastern Europe. It I a 300 meter walk above the trees with panoramic views of the forest from the main observation platform.


The second largest city within Lithuania, situated in the valley of two of the longest rivers : Neris and Nemunas. The city has seen many highs and lows, but has remained the source of forces for resistance, the guard of national identity, and was once the temporary capitol of Lithuania. Visit both the M.K. Ciurlionis Picture Gallery and the Devils’ Museum to see some stunning artwork and sculptures.