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Program idea Lithuania

Program idea Lithuania

Walking tour Vilnius

In 1323 the Grand Duke Gediminas invited artisans from different European countries to Vilnius to develop local building and handicrafts. This year is considered to be the year of Vilnius foundation.

Vilnius' Old Town is among the most extensive in the Eastern Europe, occupying total 359 hectares. It contains about 1500 buildings. UNESCO included Vilnius Old Town on the World Culture Heritage List because of its unique mixture of the different architecture styles represented. Such churches as St. Anne's, St. Peter's-and-Paul's, the Cathedral are real masterpieces of architecture.

Be sure to visit the courtyards of the oldest University in Eastern Europe, founded in 1579, Gediminas Castle which offers a spectacular view of the entire city, the Gates of Dawn, the Amber Gallery, where you will have unique possibility to taste special Lithuanian drink – amber drink