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Festivals in Lithuania

Festivals in Lithuania

Trakai Middle Age Festival

The Middle Age Festival is one of the most prestigious tournaments and festivals in Lithuania 2022 where competitors from all over the world participate for the honor of the International Armed Forces Commander title. Coming from a historical background, Trakai is no doubt the best place in Lithuania to be organising this esteemed festival. If one wants to get a slice of the medieval lifestyle and rule, one should head down to the Trakai Peninsula Castle during the Midsummer days to enjoy this brilliant festival. People participate in this very seriously ranging from the kind of attire one wears to the style of speaking. It is definitely going to be a fun show to watch and enjoy in Lithuania.

The Feast Of Saint John

Lithuania holidays and festivals generally fall around the Midsummer Days. One of the most important holidays to Lithuanians is the Feast of Saint John. In a country where nature is worshipped as God, the Feast of Saint John is nothing but the celebration of the oncoming summer solstice. People get together on this day and celebrate the ancient Pagan tradition of wishing the luck on others by letting the flower wreaths float about in the mighty Neris River. Family and friends get together in an open forest area and have festive meals. As soon as the dusk falls, bonfires are set up and with lots of singing and dancing, the Lithuanians bid goodbye to the cold and dark days.

Klaipeda Sea Festival

If one is planning to visit Lithuania in July, one should definitely not miss the annual Klaipeda Sea Festival. It is one of the biggest public festivals to be held in the city of Klaipeda to celebrate the glory of the Baltic Sea. About a million people visit the country during the festival to be a part of the fun and frolic. Apart from the boat and ship races, the festival takes a carnival mode with people putting up shows in the middle of the streets and dancing along. The streets are lined with food stalls that sell the best of Lithuanian cuisine. One gets to taste the local beer as well here. Souvenir and handmade goods stall are set up in the street market where one can buy the traditional artifacts of the country. Art exhibitions, music concerts fill the city streets and none can find anybody complaining.